wm.tn.mime:writeToStream help needed for parsing an arbitrarily large MIME message

Hello all,

I would need some help on using wm.tn.mime:writeToStream service.

I really don’t understand from wM documentation how should this service be used.

In the wm TN Built-In Services documentation, regarding wm.tn.createMimeData service the following is stated: “To parse an arbitrarily large MIME message, this InputStream
object must implement the javax.mail.internet.SharedInputStream
interface. Use the wm.tn.mime:writeToStream service to obtain an
instance of a SharedInputStream.”

From what I’ve seen and tried you have to provide an OutputStream to writeToStream service.

I have the following questions:

  1. Is there another way of creating an OutputStream object, besides using a java services that creates it and puts it in the pipeline?

  2. How can I use further that OutputStream since all other services use an InputStream?

  3. Most of all, there is nothing related to SharedInputStream in writeToStream service. Is the documentation wrong?

Can anyone explain to me the usage of this service? I want to use it for the exact reason stated in the wm Documentation: to parse an arbitrarily large MIME message.

Thank you all