WM Integration Server & MS Silverlight


I was wondering if any of you have successfully consumed a web service made on the Integration Server from a client made with .Net Silverlight. I have many web services created on the Integration Server that allow us code reusability on many client platforms and wouldn’t like to remake/copy them on another platform just so they can be call from Silverlight client app.

The next project we are going to develop is expected to use Silverlight as front end technology and WM Integration Service as our ESB for all our services.

Silverlight expect that on the web server reside some policies files on its root directory. These policies files are called clientAccessPolicy.xml and CrossDomain.xml

Has anyone been able to set those policies? And called successfully the IS web service?


Nudge. Any news on this post? Did you ever get this to work? I have the same set up. I let webMethods Developer make me a web service that wraps a normal webMethods flow. I can execute it from a Windows client but Silverlight needs those policy files. Thanks!