WM installation - Multiple Instances

I am not able to get the solution of installing the second instance of the webMethods instance on 9.6.

Is it like the normal process, Do I need to run the installer again to create a new instance? Is multiple instances supported on the trial version (9.6 or 9.7) ?


I am able to install the new instance by using the below statement/command

Cmd prompt > is_instance.bat create -Dinstance.name=xyzinstance; -Dprimary.port=5000; -Dlicense.file=d:\xxx_license.xml

looks like the installation is success but I am not able to start the instance.

I tried to start the instance using newInstance\server.bat

Where are the logs stored when the server or the new instance starts up.


Hi SA,

As you are not sure about the logs location, can you try to direct the logging to command console itself using ‘-log none’ option and check what’s going there.


well you can check the log path in the …/IntegrationServer/config/server.cnf

A link on this setting -


Once your instance is successfully created and you should be seeing the logs folder within the instance folder on file system after the starting the instance. Can you check there.