wm.estd.rosettaNet.transportHandlers:send' with unknown reason on wM9.8

We are facing an issue due to service wm.estd.rosettaNet.transportHandlers:send’ with unknown reason while we send RosettaNet Pip 3B2.

Server about:
WmRNIF11TRP with RN_7.1_SP2_Fix7
WmRosettaNet with RN_7.1_SP2_Fix7

webMethods Integration Server ver
updates: IS_9.8_Core_Fix3, TNS_9.8_Fix3

server_log.txt (76.8 KB)
pipeline.xml (49.5 KB)

Lee – Is this first time you are trying that service and getting this error ?

Installing the pre-requiste “EstdCommonLib_7.1_Fix13” may resolve this issue, please give a try and let me know.


Thanks MR as173d,

 We had installed EstdCommonLib_7.1_Fix15 already.  

 Attachment is server about.

server_about.txt (2.51 KB)

Glad to hear. Thanks for your update.


You can check the server log and error log for detailed error message.
Also check if the Delivery Methods under the receiver’s TN profile is populated.

Without the real error message, it’s hard to tell what’s missing.

Thanks for your reply.
I do provide pipeline.xml including all “service_in” for RN send service. Please download and take a look.

Lee – Sorry, i thought issue was resolved, I will have a look your shared log files and give my suggestion.


MR as173d,
Thanks for your assistance.
If you need more information or take a look at our testing server. Please let me know.

Lee, I have spend some time on your issue, I didn’t see much information in logs provided, I suggest better increase trace level also raise a ticket to SAG if the integration is critical.