WM Database Component Configurator : Admin user for access DB

I have to use te DCC on windows platform i order to update the schema of oracle DB.
The “administrator” pannel is greyed.

how to activate it ?

Hi Francois,

there should be a Checkbox on top of this frame labelled “Create Storage and User” or similar, when this is checked, you will be able to type in the DBA User and Passwort as well as the Directory, where the tablespace files should be located.

When updating an existing schema the administrator information is not needed as it is already available via the user how owns the schema being migrated.


Hi, thank you for your response.
You’re right, it shouls be. but it’s not. I’m using DCC 10.1
I think the “not applicable” checkbox is the clue

Hi Francois,

when migrating an existing schema this information is not neccesary.

Just specify the URL, the user/schema to be migrated and its password and select the Product or Compoent you want to migrate.

The User (WMAPIIS in your screen shot) should already have all neccessary rights from schema creation to allow migrating the schema via DCC.

If there are problems arising during migration you should consider contacting SAG Support by openening a ticket in Empower for these.