WM 9.5 - Deploy of the CAF protlet project to the remote server

Hi all.

How I can deploy portlet project from eclipse designer to the remote server which is not run on the local? Eclipse always wants local server runtime envirnotment.

Or is there way how I can deploy final war manually via myWebmethods portal as sysadmin?

Thanks a lot

You can right-click in the Servers view and select “New >Server” to add a new “Software AG > My webMethods Server (Remote)” server to the Servers view of Designer and specify your server’s host name.

Any projects associated with that new server would build the project using your local MWS runtime jar files, but it would deploy the war to the specified remote host.

Thanks a lot for answer. I had done this procedure before I wrote this post. I specify details.

I have myWebmethods server on https://{someURL}:5030 and I don’t know if the https protocol makes some troubles. In every way It doesn’t work (I can post screens of configuration in designer). Is there some way how I can directly deploy war file to remote myWebmethods server?

Thanks a lot, Lubos

Hi Lubos Tomiska,

You can export your portlet project as war file and place the war file under
MWS_ROOT>/server/<mws_instnace>/deploy folder in target environment ( if you have the access :oops: :oops: )

it does automatically install the project , if not you can install it from Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Install Administration

Look for the war file under "Independent Components " section , select the war file and click “Install Selected” button on top.

Hope this will help you :!: :!:

Yes it is very helpful!! I can see installed application in the CAF Application Runtime Configuration.
Please last think to advice. How I can make the portlet visible for users? You don’t have to write full manual if exists some good document which can help me. (Of course I have full sysadmin access)

Thanks Lubos