MWS Admin Tab in Designer

We are a brandnew webMethods user starting out with version 8 and I am getting very very frustrated :angry: with this product.

All of the detailed tutorials (that I can find) are written around 7.1 and I can find very little with step by step instructions on how to create portlet pages, but for my question.

Help document (for Designer) talks about creating a data provider within the MWS Admin tab, so that you can actually deploy the portlets. I have created one for our process models running on integration server, but how do I create this for a MWS server? It never prompts me for a userid or password but I always get the window in the attached file.

Thank for any help you can provide.
Doc1.doc (49.5 KB)

Please refer to [url][/url] page 35.

You need to configure a My webMethods Server Runtime, this is as well described on page 41. for quick guide:

1- Open Designer.
2- Switch to UI Development perspective.
3- Select “Servers” view.
4- Right click on the view and select “New → Server”
5- Select “My webMethods Server (Remote)” and ensure you set “server hostname” properly.
6- Click next and ensure ports are correct.
7- Click on next and assign your Porlet project.

When you click now on Run project on server, it will prompt you for user/pass

If you already had a server defined, click on “stop” . Right click on server and select “Add/remove prjects”, add your project and then click the start icon. It should prompt you for user/pass.

Most of the tutorials you find for 7.1 will be valid for 8.0.

Thanks for the reply. You are correct and I have defined the server in the servers tab and I am able to stop and start the server, add packages to be deployed and everything works fine until I attempt to publish or run on server. I then get a message box with the following
‘Publishing to My webMethods Server (Remote)…’ has encountered a problem. Connection refused: connect

I am never prompted for a userid or password nor can I find ANYWHERE where these are stored.

What is the relationship between the Servers tab and the MWS Admin tab? Do you have to setup the same servers on both tabs?

In the MWS admin view, right click the one you have defined and click on DELETE.
Click on the plus icon to add a new MWS Data provider.
Set following:

Data Provider Name: MWS
Data Provider URL:

And depending if you want to autoconnect when Designer starts, and if you want to keep credentials, select the check bozes or not.

Once added, double click on it and it will ask for initial credentials.

I am little bit confused. UI Developemnt perspective is used to create any TASK. Correct me if my understanding wrong.

I have not performed any of the above steps to connect MWS. Installed Designer in a different machine and connecting the MWS componenet.

How i am connecting:- Once the process model is created then i do the build. thats all it will automatically gets updated in MWS.

My question here is why do i need to connect the MWS server separately when IS is already connected?

I think it’s because IS can connect to only one MWS, but Designer can connect and publish to multiple MWS.
What do you think?

It worked for me when I removed protocol from the URL
Data Provider URL: and authenticated with sysadmin/manage