Deploy portlet

According to the help in Designer, to deploy the portlet, simply drag it from Solution view to the MWM Admin view. I have tried that but nothing is deployed. Can someone provide more details please.


Make sure your server status shows ready and its state is ready then right click and add project to MWS server next hit finish and it will re-publish your portlet up on the server. Next you should login as sysadmin and view the portlet.


Hi Leon,
I have done all the steps to publish my Portlet. Now I am loggin in as sysadmin in MyWebmethods server. The Home page shows a lot of folders. Could you tell me where I should go to see my published Portlet?

Also, is there any way I can specify where to publish the Portlet?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Here is what you should do …

Create a folder by clicking on the arrow button on your top right by going to New → Folder … next click on the newly created folder and create a page under that folder name next click on the same arrow button to edit the page … you should see bunch of folders … you can view your portlet by clicking the portlet folder and browsing to the app name that you set in your designer. Simply drag and drop the portlet on the mid-window panel hit save and now every time you make a change to your portlet simply hit the refresh button.

Portlets that you created are always saved in the portlet folder by default. I’m kinda new to this myself and learning on my own so if there is any other way please let me know …


Hi All,

Make sure you are in MyWebMethods Perspective/view.
In the servers tab, add the server where you want the portlet to be published. Once added, right-click on that server and select add/remove projects.
Push the project that u need to publish on the right-hand side.

Now right-click again and select publish. If the server is not in started, it will automatically get started. Use sysadmin, manage as default user0id and password for publishing.

The portlets you publish go in to system–>portlets folder

Ashish Arya