Wm 9.5 CAF UI development local host issue

Hi fellow webMethods developers,

I have recently started working on CAF development.
So i started with this forum and got a Sample set of code.

I have imported into the SAG Designer, but im not able to deploy and run it on the localhost server.
Whenever i try to start the localhost server i get the below error:

“Server My webMethods Server (Remote) at localhost was unable to start within 20 seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the timeout in the server editor.”

i have increased the timeout to 1000 seconds also but does’nt seem to work.

Have i missed any configuration ?

thanks in advance.

Hello Kiran,
Please check if your MWS server is up and running fine.
Also if it up then check if any firewall is blocking connectivity.

Please note to deploy CAF to mws need to connect with MWS with sysAdmin authentication.

Baharul Islam

Hey Baharul ,

I have connected the MWS. I’m trying to first run it on the local host and then later deploy it on the MWS.

Is configuring the MWS is necessary ?


Hi Kiran,

There is no such custom configuration is required.
From Designer UI development prospect go to server section and add MWS (by adding a new server).Then right click and start server and add your project to this server.


Now i tried to add the MWS. I get authentication pop up.
Once you give sysadmin and password it keeps on asking for the credentials again and again.

Thanks for your help


Can you please try from browser if you are able to login with sysAdmin credentials.

yes Im able to login on my web browser.
But in designer it keeps throwing the pop again and again.


I finally figured out the issue.

Since im using my company’s proxy servers i was not able to establish a connection.

You have to change the Network Connection in Windows->Preferences->Network Connection->ActiveProvider to manual :slight_smile:

now everything works fine :slight_smile:

thanks for your help.