Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit platform

Is the Adabas Community Edition supported ONLY on Windows 7 Professional (x86-64) platform ?

I have an HP laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and would like to learn more about NATURAL/ADABAS IDE environment by downloading the community edition, but am getting an installation error [P1.3.1]:

Adabas Community Edition can only be installed on a PC without an Adabas Installation.

thank you in advance for your assistance


“Home” versions of the Windows operating system are not supported.


I hope you’ll be able to upgrade your OS to a Pro version soon. Windows 10 is supported. Maybe a timely upgrade since Windows 7 is going out of support early next year.

Once you do, if you want to load a Natural CE version to learn Natural, you do not need to load the Adabas CE version first. And indeed, should not load the Adabas CE version first since both the NaturalONE CE version with the Eclipse IDE and the Natural for Windows CE version with the Studio IDE come with Adabas packaged in the downloaded install file. Adabas will be installed along with Natural. Neither will allow the install to proceed if Adabas is already loaded on your machine.


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