ADABAS/Natural on Windows Vista

I tried installing the ADABAS Community version on my Windows Vista PC. I see on closer examination that Vista is not in the OS list.
Are there any versions for Windows Vista out there?

The next update package for Windows planned for Q1 2008 is planned to be “Works with Windows Vista”.

Wolfgang Obmann

I tried installing the current download version of ADABAS and it still seems to want to be on XP. Now that Q1 has come and gone, any thoughts on where a Vista version stands?

Also, assuming it turns up at some point, is any specific version of Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate) required or will they all work?


Hello All,

I tried installing the recent version of Adabas Community Edition from Software AG website, got the below error and couldn’t move forward further in installation.

Error Number - 0X80040707
Description - DLL function call crashed:saglic5.LIC_checkOS

Looks like the current Adabas edition is not working for Windows Vista.
Could any one of you advise/any idea on the Adabas version download (for Windows Vista) ?

Thanks a lot, Sunil