Windows-11 support

Grand Day,

I’m looking for Ada-Nar support dates / version for Windows-11. I have been testing with Win-11 for a few weeks in both DEV and BETA mode and I think there will be a 21H2 OS release on both Win-10 and Win-11. Sort of mid-October time. It would be grand to know when SAG will support ADA/NAT on Wil-11


We are publishing our supported platform for each product on Empower.
You may check this information from time to time.
Currently Win11 is not officially public so I can not say for now when it will be officially supported by ADA and NAT.

Eli Cohen
A&N Product Management

Hi Dick, we currently did not decide about Windows 11 support.

Many Thanks for the update Wolfgang and thanks also to Eli.

Many Thanks for the update Eli. Ostia has a application that works closely with ADA/NAT and we wanted to be sure we had time to check it’s running on Win-11. From the tests I have done so far it’s looking good.

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