Which IS files or folders can I delete to free disk space?

Hello everyone.

I would like to know, which files and folders from my Integration Servers can I delete to free disk space?

I deleted some logs from ‘logs’ folder. But the ‘IntegrationServer/instances/default/replicate/outbound/’ folder in my WebM installation its occupying about 20GBs of my disk space.

This ‘outbound’ folder contains folders named like ‘yyyyMMdd’ date format with some .zips inside of with. And there is folders from January 2019.

Can I delete these olders folders?

Thank you

Hi Renan,

The folder you mentioned below is used for creating package archives from the Integration Server Administrator page - under Package Management.

IntegrationServer/instances/default/replicate/outbound/ similar to replicate/inbound which is used for importing packages into Integration Server.

If you don’t need these zip files then those can be deleted.

I guess some process at your end is creating these zip files with date timestamps. Please check what is the content inside these zip files first and try to identify what is creating these files. Then you fix the root cause causing these files to be created.

Firoz N


Hello Firoz.

Thank you for your answer. I deleted the old files and I freed about 17GB of disk space. I will check what is using this much.

I found another folder that is consuming disk space: the /UMData folder. It is getting about 50GB.

One of the folders inside “wm” has a “.mem” file consuming about 6GB. There is also another folders with the same “.mem” file consuming a lot of disk space.

Is there a way to “clean” these files using the Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager?

Thank you


Those are the files were the messages in queues and topics are stored.

Since at least 10.1 you have some settings on the UM to make it manage the files automatically.

If you are doing a “cleaning” operation on your installation and are sure no messages are waiting in the UM, you can clear most of the .mem files, after shutting down the UM.

Beware some of the UM configurations are stored there in some .mem files.

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Yes and pls use caution before you explicitly deleting (back up as needed) those any config involved files and at your risk when comes to freeing up space and at some point have it automate the process (via purge jobs at regular intervals) keeping best practices in mind :slight_smile:


There is an option on the Enterprise Manager called ‘Perform Maintenance’ which can be found by right clicking on your realm server.
You can use this option to clear space and this should get rid of unwanted .mem files for you. If i remember correctly, this can be done at queue/topic level as well. Just to be sure on this options impact on the realm server, try this first in your development environment and fully assess the functionality before touching the higher env.

Also you can check if any Queues/Topic have backlogged/unsubscribed messages sitting on them and which are of no use. These can again be purged by right clicking on the paricular topic/queue.