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Hi guys, quick question here.

Last night something happened a large amount of data came into WM and it looks like it caused Universal Messenger to collapse and disconnect and now it won’t reconnect (as shown in the screenshot). What we want to do is simply clear the CSQ Count and refresh the connection. However I’ve not been able to find out how to clear the queue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Daniel,

did you try to restart the Realm Manager?
Can you connect via Enterprise Manager to the UM Realm?


You can use following steps to quickly delete all the messages and reduce the database size. These steps clear JMS connection database. For native connection, you’ll need to clear a different database.

One of the customers who raised an issue who got their CSQ in the Integration server piled up with messages, based on the KB article has suggested them t Below are the steps to be performed for reduction of messages from LWQ_DB_MESSAGING_CSQ.

  1. Shutdown the Integration Server.
  2. If number of messages is zero, then simply delete the directory LWQ_DB_MESSAGING_CSQ.
  3. If number of messages is not zero, then use one of the standard Derby client (SQuirreL Client is one) to connect and do database compression using Derby commands.
  4. Start the Integration Server.

In your case, at step 2 you will simply delete the database as you don’t mind losing the messages in CSQ.

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Hi Daniel,

I looked at my local IS installation. Now, I am not sure which CSQ/LWQ_XX database is used in JMS/native, and UM/Broker/other JMS providers cases.
Just check which database is holding large number of messages and has grown in size. Before deleting, take a backup.

Contact Software AG if it is important to know which CSQ/LWQ database is in use.

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