Which DB column Trading Networks uses to determine pollable document

This call returns all pollable documents for a user:
“String pollIDs = BizDocStore.pollDocuments(tnid);”

“BizDocEnvelope d = BizDocStore.getDocument(pollIDs[i], false, null, null);” returns the attributes associated with the document. One of them is “d.getSystemStatus()”. Does anyone know which DB column determines whether or not the document is pollable?

I know this is internal information to TN which a program using TN should not be concerned about, but I need a quick way to make all pollable documents to no longer be pollable and was hoping I could do it via an SQL call.

Cannot say for sure, but check if you can find it in BIZDOCATTRIBUTE

Searching for Documents that Are Queued for Polling
Pollable documents are documents that are queued for a trading partner. The receiving
partner’s Trading Networks system will periodically poll your system to determine
whether any documents are queued for it. The partner’s Trading Networks polls for the
documents based on the polling frequency set in the delivery method settings in the
partner profile.
When Trading Networks places a document in the queue for polling, it changes the
processing status of the document to POLLABLE indicating the document is available for
the receiving partner to poll for it.
After the receiving partner polls and receives the document, Trading Networks updates
the processing status to one of the following:
Query Field Operator Value
Processing Status Equals POLLABLE
Managing B2B Integrations: webMethods Trading Networks User’s Guide Version 8.2 29
3 Managing and Tracking Documents
 ACCEPTED, if the receiving partner picked up the document and indicated that it
was processed successfully
 ACCEPTED W/ ERRORS, if the receiving partner picked up the document but
encountered errors while attempting to process the document
To search for documents that are queued for polling, you can search for documents using
the query fields below:
For more information about queuing documents for partners, see Building B2B
Integrations: webMethods Trading Networks Administrator’s Guide.