Which data does xtension uses

to process, source data? or data based on the xml/tamino schema?

new to the product/site, thanx for the info!

hi aceventura,

unfortuantely i dont really get your question.
still, i would believe that you can get an answer in the documentation at the following location:


this will tell you how you pass either the textual value of your query parameter to the server extension, or - if you pass a valid query string as a parameter - the result set of the query is passed.

hope that helps.

andreas f.

thanx and I’ll check that site.

my questions is: Tamino can trigger non-XML applications (Natural 5 will be used, we’ve an ADABAS/Natural platform), per my understanding, a data schema is built in the Tamino server using data, in our case, from ADABAS. Which data does Tamino uses when a non-XML application is triggered, ADABAS or the data schema built within Tamino?

hope I have the concept right and the question as well. thanx again!


Hi Joey,
if I’ve got You right, You want to store & retrieve an XML document in Tamino and map part(s) of it to an ADABAS database using Natural 5.
This can be done using a Mapping Server Extension (SXS) written in Natural 5, when Tamino runs on a Windows platform (COM is used as infrastructure).
There are some hints that may help You:
1. Relate Server Extension functions (map-in, map-out, delete) to the respective node for mapping. Keep in mind, that all sub-nodes must be handled by these SXS functions.
2. The parameter types must be “XML-OBJ” if XML-data, “charstr” if non-XML data is passed between Schema and SXS and vice versa.
3. When using “XML-OBJ” the Tamino document processor hands over a XML-wellformed node, and the composer expects this when receiving the data.
4. The SXS’s Natural code is “responsible” to convert XML or non-XML formatted node to Your ADABAS format and vice versa.
5. The SXS’s Natural code is “responsible” to store and retrieve the code correctly in Yor ADABAS system (or wherever You place it).
6. When enquiring a document from Tamino, the Map-Out Server Extension will only be executed, when a Map-In SXS had been executed upon processing the document.

Execution of Query Functions is indepented of mapping. It can be used to accees ADABAS data too. In this case the result has to be converted to wellformed XML by the Natural SXS.
Hope that helps, Best regards,