External XML document throug X-Tension into object processor

Hello there,

I’ve got a external XML-source wich can be query’ed by an xml-statement

"<data><request><statement></statement></request></data>"</pre><BR>and gives me xml back<BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">"<data><response><statement></statement></response></data>"

how do i specify that in X-Tension???
Or should i use Xnode?

It is quite difficult to help You without knowing some more details about the context You want to use Tamino and its X-Tension.
Please regard a Server Extension (X-Tension Object) as a piece of Java or C++ Code, which is executed in the Tamino Server on certain occasions. The type of Server Extension Function to be called (Query or Mapping) depends on the context You want to use it in.
From within Your code You may access the external XML source by any means offered by the source. You may as well access an XML parser to parse
the results.
Kind regards, Michael