XTension Examples


I’m new to Tamino XTension, can anybody give me some code examples?Or wher can I find examples?

I’m trying to implement a Tamino Trigger that notifies me every time a process or delete action is performed through HTTP or Java Client API, any ideas?

Thank you

Hi Raapo

We have tried this and came to the conculsion that the SXS cannot be used for triggers, because it then does not store/process the node which you trap on. The SXS events seems to be designed for when you need to get and store data externally. What we then did instead is to create SXS functions(query), which can act on the document after it is stored.

Kind regards

Hi Jo!

Check Java API section where I’ve detailed the trigger problem.My question: Is it possible to pass parameters to the extension without hardcoding? Eventually is it possible to set session, context, etc. parameters dinamically?