Java Trigger SXS & insert into another Tamino DB

My problem regards to inserting some documents in one Tamino DB (let’s call it TDB_A) triggered by modyfication of some document on other Tamino DB (TDB_B).
I’ve tried to assemble java triger sxs on TDB_B which is assign in proper doc scheama.
My problem is to access external Tamino DB from java trigger method. In documentation on developing server extentions I found a set of methods (SxsXML: Xql, Define, Process, etc) which are usefull for modification of documents that are stored in the same Tamino DB.
I did not found any information on possibility to define Tamino server that the opperations should be performed on.
So, the question is: Is it possible to access external Tamino DB from Java Trigger SXS?
Adam Szwajkajzer
Software AG Poland

Hi Adam,

As you mentioned, it is not possible to access another Tamino database via XML callbacks. But what you can do is to use the Tamino API for Java.

One advantage of the XML callbacks is that they are executed in the same transaction. But for another database you have another transaction, so you cannot use this advantage either. But you should implement a kind of transaction safeness, i.e. use an event function that in case of a rollback also undoes the changes in the other database.

Kind regards,

Julius Geppert
Software AG
Tamino QE

Thanks, I’ll go with Tamino API4J integration.