Miguel Alvarez(spain)

Dear all:

I hope you can help me.
Could I do a trigger on the “SXSInform” collection with a server extension, in order to modify a collection with
the same name, placed in a database of another computer?

Thank you & best regards.

Hi Miguel,

There should be no restriction in executing (presumably Java) code that accesses another database. But in contrast to processing into the same database, there are no callbacks provided to do this task. So you have to create an HTTP connection to the other database and do all the processing in your server extension. Using a Tamino API (e.g. Tamino Java API) might help.

I never tried to do such things, so my considerations are only theoretically.

Best regards,

Julius Geppert
Software AG

Thank you.
I have created a conection using Tamino Api and it seems to be working properly.

Thanks for your help.
Best regards.