could somebody pls give me some (non-trivial)examples of Server Extensions so I can try and understand how the whole thing works - or share his/her experiences with SXS?

Thanks a lot,

Ralf Dierenbach

Hi Ralf,

my apologies if you have already seen these pages in the documentation - but if you haven’t, perhaps they are worth a look…

The Advanced Concepts section of the documentation contains both information on Server Extensions and some examples - though whether these are trivial or not is rather reader-dependent. :wink:

You can find the documentation here (in a installation on Windows):
C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino\Help\ADVCONC\UTILIZINGSERVEREXTENSIONS.HTM#UtilizingServerExtensions

In “More examples” there is a link to the Java source “xqx.java”, which contains implementations of “…some of the XPath functions that did not find their way into X-Query”.


Hi Trevor,

this was exactly what I had been looking for - before that I had only made my way to a 1-line-of code java function returning a substring without telling a lot about what the concept is good for.

Hopefully after having digested the info you provided I’ll be able to ask somewhat more educated questions :wink:

Thanks again,