Where to store web resource files

I’m writing services which create and output HTML files for display in a browser. I need to add some gif files as well as a couple of javascript .js files but I don’t know where to store these resources on the filesystem. I created a \web directory directly under the packages but still my service cannot find the files.

All suggestions greatly appreciated,

You can store them under the IntegrationServer\packages\yourpackage\pub or IntegrationServer\web folder…


I added the .js files to IntegrationServer\packages\OneTouchSubmitter\pub and I created another directory (…\pub\images) to hold the .gif files. I then reloaded the package and added a simple to the flow service to see if the image was found. No such luck. I only see the red X in the browesr.

try the above one, Because In webMethds IS present working directory always goes upto /IntegrationServer.

I’ve tried numerous variations of the img tag shown above and have tried putting the image into the two different locations (the package pub directory and the web folder under IntegationServer) - still no luck. Interestingly, I can get the Google image to display by inserting <img src="http://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/images/logo.gif.

After you put the image,did you also tried reload the package or restarting IS?? sometimes restart option works.


Yes, I did both. First a package reload then a complete restart of IS.

In the interest of time I’ve decided to do away with the graphic and inline all javascript code. Things are working nicely now.

Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions. I’ll have to revisit this in the furutre.

You’ll probably need to set the ACL for the directory to allow anonymous access to the files within.

Use the following and it should work.

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You can also test your page by giving the absolute path of the image file (Get it from the Properties of the file including the image file name) and it also should work.

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