Where ist the PUSHLET-control


I want to use the server-side synchronization like in the example “HTTPPush”. The silly question is:" Where ist the icon for the PUSHLET in the layout painter?". In the [Page]-section, there is a timer, but no PUSHLET!

Thanks and greetings!

For pushlet we currently only offer the example + corresponding Java Doc. Before using pushlet we “have to warn you”: pushlet requires an http connection to be kept open. It’s like a http-page-repsonse that is never closed. A browser by default opens as maximum two connections to one server - as consequence twi pushlets will block the browser.

Pushlets must only be used for very specific tasks. E.g. a customer “insists to have” a synchronous event chain from the server event to the active browser. Polling typically is the better alternative.

If using pushlets we very strongly recommend to increase the number of maximum open connections (this is some registry manipulation for IE). This means you have to explicitly change the client and cannot use the normal browser. I.e. “cost of ownership” increases…


Thanks, I will use polling then.


but if you need a pushlet in those rare circumstances (and like Bjoern said, be careful) it is nice to have’em in your control editor selection.

Since everything is allready there, you only need to change the editor.xml within cis\cis\config.

Look for:

<!-- PAGE -->

and add at the end

<subnode name="------------------------- Pushlet"/>
<subnode name="pushlet"/>

and then also add a help text at the pushlet tag config a little more below:


Save it, and you will be able to use it in the editor.

Cheers, Rob.