Pushlets working in popups?


we sometimes use Pushlets to refresh a page out of seperate working thread. and it works find. now I want to refresh a subpage opened in a modal popup. but nothing happends. work pushlets in popups or have I done something wrong?

…I just check this question with dev. - and hope I come back with an answer. In principal they also should work with a popup.

One question: we typically recommend to use polling by timer prior to pushlets. What’s the reason on your side to use pushlets?`

Background: pushlets block one connection. The browser by default opens max. 2 connections to the server. Two pushlets - and nothing will work anymore… :wink: That’ the reason why we recommend to only use them in very dedicated scenarios. In which we also tell the registry record to increase so that the browser (only IE) can be controlled to open more connections…