a popup not popping up

hi folks.

when trying to open a popup from a popupyesno just nothing happens, except that the popupyesno-window dissapears. it worked a few days ago, but it’s broken now. i don’t understand, what causes that effect.

relevant code looks similar to this:

  PopupYesNoModel pyn = (PopupYesNoModel) findModel(PopupYesNoModel.class);
  pyn.init("Es wurde kein Auftrag mit der Auftragsnummer "
      + aOrderNumber + "\nim Auftragsjahr "
      + aOrderYear + " gefunden.\nSoll ein Auftrag mit dieser"
      + " Auftragsnummer angelegt werden?",
      new YesCommandOpenCustomerSearch(this, aOrderNumber,
          aOrderYear), new ICommand() {
        public void execute() {/* Der NoCommand tut nichts... */

and this:

public class YesCommandOpenKundenSuche implements ICommand, CustomerSearchSelectionListener {

/** ICommand-Implementierung */
public void execute() {
  CustomerSearchAdapter tKSA = (CustomerSearchAdapter) findModel(CustomerSearchAdapter.class);

  setPopupFeatures(-1, // x-position
      -1, // y-position
      900, // width
      730, // height
      "" // additional features as string (see PAGE-POPUPFEATURES docu)
  setPopupTitle("Komplex als Kunden f

eth2.txt (7.58 KB)

the problem seems to relate to the method closePage().
i wrote my own version of the PopupYesNo-window, which triggers the another popup. but the new window doesn’t appear when closePage() is called after the openPopup()-method. to work around this, i have to close the confirmation window manually after the popup-window is shown.

another solution could have been to use the the model-object that opened the PopupYesNo-window, to also open the desired second popup-window. that approach doesn’t seem to work, either.

don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature, but i’d appreciate to know a bit more about what happens, when one tries to open popup-windows using openPopup(). :o)

best regards
carsten habicht