Close popup which was not opened by CAI adapter


is there a possibility to let the adapter close a popup like closePage() if the popup is not opened by another adaper?

For example: I open a new popup by calling in JavaScript

I think that the new adapter in this popup could close the window if I set manually runningInPopup to true.

But this doesn’t work.

Another possibility to close the window by using the response’s writer doesn’t work either (IllegalStateException - yes, I know, it’s described in the manual that there is no way to use the writer).

Perhaps anybody has an idea for me?


You could put the opened page inside a frameset:

Inside the adapter you could use a new page into the frame:


Inisde the page.html page you then can use any Javascript to close the popup.


Thanks for the advice.
Now, I found a solution which is still easier (in my opinion): instead of using a frame and calling openPageInTarget(), I open just my CISPage (without frame) and forward via switchToPage() to a normal html page with the corresponding javascript code.

…well, I must admit: your solution is simpler. :wink: