Switching to a non-CIS page - switchToURL() ?


after almost 2 years of Casabac abstinence I’m back on the field again :smiley: Nice to see how far Casabac/CIS has moved on in the meantime, and the new Application Designer really looks great…

My current problem: I’ve got an old project which was designed with Casabac 3.0 and want to make it run with Application Designer 2.1. At some point in my application I switch to a non-CIS page, i.e. a static HTML page (without using frames - I just want that static page to completely replace the CIS page inside the browser window).

In my old application, I used the function Model.switchToURL() to accomplish this. However, this function seems to have been dropped in the new Adapter class and I haven’t found a replacement so far (openPageInTarget() seems to work only in a frame context). Any ideas how to switch to a non-CIS page within the new class framework?

Thanks for helping

  • Martin -

Hi Martin,

several possibilities:
(1) build an Application Designer page that contains a 100%-sized SUBPAGE control and load the URL to be displayes into the SUBPAGE
(2) use openPageInTaget(…) and use target name “_top”


Hi Bj