How to WebStart SWT?

Hi there!

I’m new to Application Ciomposer/Designer. My role in moment is to evaluate the Composer. I fear I will annoy you the next time… :wink:

My question for now is how can I start my AppComposer Application as SWT app via the java web start? I did’nt find any hint in the documentation. IMHO I shold have a HTML page with a link for this. What can the URL of this page be? The working URL for the browser version is localhost:53307/ausprobian1gui/servlet/StartCISPage?PAGEURL=/ausprobian1/login.html
in my case…

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that’s what Martin Grumann told me:


Before you can start the application with the link above, you have to start the SWTClient of the designer.

Hope this helps.

H. Johannes

Hi Johannes,

thanX for your answer. But:

Before you can start the application with the link above, you have to start the SWTClient of the designer.

How do I do that? And where have I then to enter then the cis://… URL? My browser hasn’t the foggiest idea what to do with URLs of this kind…

Maybe there is also an issue, that I have installed the Applicaiton Composer (2.2), not the Designer…


Hi Dieter,

start your server and start the workplace demos.
Scroll in the first chapter on the left side until “SWT Client | Web Start”. If you select “Web Start”, you can launch the SWTBasedGUI - Demos. There is an adress field where you can put your cis://…/-url.

H. Johannes

Hi Johannes!

More and more I get the impression, that there is a bigger difference in that point between AppDesigner and AppComposer. I think I don’t have the workplace demos, you are talking about. I have two sets of demos, called xcidemos and xcidemos2, first is with BPEL processing, the second with java. In non of them is something like “SWT Client | Web Start”…

But I think beside that there must be also a possibility to launch the SWT version without loading a demo application first. You don’t want a customer to have to do so. Maybe, something special has to be done on application development or deployment or whatever. I don’t know.