How to access Application Designer parameters from outside.

Hi All,

I’m developing an application where Application-Designer-based application will work in conjunction with a Struts-based application.

A very simple scenario is as follows :

  1. An Application-Designer-page which includes two text inputs and a submit button is integrated into a JSP page through IFrame.
  2. After filling into the fields, I want to go to another JSP page (which is a non-Application-Designer page) by submitting the form.
  3. In the target JSP page, I want to print out the values which were submitted from the Application-Designer-page.

I know that, through a database connection or sthg like that, this scenario seems easy to implement.

But is it possible to do that by using request or session objects?

And, is there a more “classy” way to navigate to a non-Application-Designer page than using “OpenPageInTarget”?


Hi Mehmet,

you can access the session context during an adapter’s request processing by using method findHttpServletRequest() and then use the request object for getting to the http session context.

Or you can pass parameter through appending them to your URL that you call (http://…/…?param=value).

You can use the control SUBPAGE in order to show the struts page as part of an Application Designer page. You can e.g. use “switchToPage” inside Application Designer and navigate to a page that only contains one control: a SUBPAGE control covering the whole page.