open or switch to a JSP page


With Application Designer V2.2 it seems to be possible to get to to an ordinary html page using “switchToPage” or “openPageInNewWindow” when the targeted page is named “something.html”.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work when the targeted page is a JSP page named “something.jsp”. Application Designer adds the suffix “.html” to the name of the page and the result is “something.jsp.html” :(. I expect the idea of renaming of the JSP page to match this pattern to be weak because it might lead to problems with the webcontainer not recognizing the page as JSP page.

What’s the reason for automatically suffixing the url of the targeted page? Did I miss something?


Hi Martin,

the reason is quite simple: the suffix “.html” indicates to load a HTML page (of course!). As App Designer provides for a Java Client (besides IE/Firefox/Netscape) you are allowed to skip the suffix when using the AD-API - e.g you can call switchToPage(“myscreen”). It was hard to explain people to use suffix “.html” when running a Java Client! Because of that there is a check whether the suffix is to be appended.

The good news: you can switch of that behavior by configuration! Just insert parameter appendhtmlextension=“false” into file cisconfig.xml and reload your web app afterwards. It should look like this…

<cisconfig ... appendhtmlextension="false" ...>


:smiley: the switching of by configuration works as expected.