Destroying the adapter of a popup


I have a problem with popups and I really need a little help.

In my popup I have three possibilities to exit this popup. There are two buttons, Cancel and Finish, with methods, onCancel and onFinish, in which I call markThisModelForDestroy() and closePage(). When I exit my popup using these two buttons, everything is fine. The adapter/model is destroyed (destroy() is called). The next time I open the popup I get a new adapter (init() is called).
But the is the third possibility to close a popup: pressing Alt+F4 or clicking the “closing cross” for this window. There is this method reactOnPopupClosedByUser() which I use to react on this event. When I close the popup this way, and I do the same as in the other methods, call closePage and markThisModelForDestroy, the next time I call the popup, nothing works within this popup. There is a valueHelper that doesn’t open and the buttons can be pressed but nothing is executed. The problem is that destroy() is not called on closing the popup and hence no init() is called on the next opening of the popup.

I am using Casabac version of august 2005.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hello Tobias,

Herr M