PopupOKModel shows wrong message

The code below shows " Do you realy want to answer this question?" message at runtime.It works properly on CAI design environment.

PopupOKModel okModel = (PopupOKModel) findAdapter(PopupOKModel.class);

Is there a way to pass this problem ?My CIS version is “CIS_V142_20060224” .


I am not able to reproduce. Is it possible that you work in some scenario in which you explicitly deal with subsessions on your own?


Bjoern ,
I noticed this problem just after I upgraded the CAI .So first I tougth it migth be a version bug but obviously it’s not.It happens in one scenario.
In my case I need to give a warning message just before I switch the current page to another one.The problem happens at this point. As I know switchToPage method doesn’t changes the current subsession.So for your question , my answer is no , I don’t touch sessions explicitly.
One more info : I lookup a session variable (findSessionContext().lookup) before I switching.It looks irrelevant but maybe it is.

Thanks a lot