Pushlet: long time usage problem


we have a problem - if our application stays open for a long time, e.g. for a night, then a pushlet that we are using stops updating controls states. We are receiving events from external system and we see these evenst are still comming and refreshing method m_refresher.fireSynchronizationEvent() is called, but nothing happens. Besides of this the application works perfectly - all button clicks are handled correctly and session is also alive.
Do you have any ideas how we can aviod this?

Thanks in advance,


by default IE timeouts an HTTP request after one hour. That means the connection that is kept open to push the page synch signals back to client dies after one hour (common limitation of HTTP push mechanism with IE). You can configure the timeout by a registry seting only. See…


Because of this the PUSHLET control is limited to special app scenarios only (few, well-known clients; eg a kiosk system).


Hello Martin,

thanks for your answer. Actually the problem is already solved, but I still have one question for better understanding. We’ve solved the problem by creating a thread which calls refresh every 30 mins. Now the pushlet is always alive. How is that? :slight_smile: