hi i have question …

perhaps :
i have database with telephones …
and shema is

* 0 - …




and now i have insert new only
not full …

in my form when visible is only [add tel] <-click
and new form is show :

tel : …
fax : …
w : …
info: …


and what action i must add to [add tel] button ? if i have add ?

Hello Piotr,

have a look at our simple example ?LoopInsDel? or ?LoopModify?. This examples explain the use of elementaction tag. This is the tag you can combine with your input button to add a new ?telephone? to your list. This examples works also with sub-pages and introduce the ?link? tag to link back from the sub-page to the parent-page.

Hint: Make a first trial with the following steps

  • Use the generator to create an application based on your ?object? schema
  • Change the modify.jsp of the generated page. Within this page, the add button of the telephone list links to the same page. Let the add button link to another page (look at the documentation for ?Tips and Tricks?), for instance telephone.jsp.
  • Write the page ?telephone.jsp?. It should contain the form to enter the new values of a ?telephone? element. To commit this form, use a ?link? tag. Alternatively, you could use an ?action? tag, but then your document is committed to Tamino while the link allows to link back to a parent page without commit.

I hope this tip helps you to find out the adequate way to integrate your telephone sub-page into your application.



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Thank you for your understanding.


I solved the problem