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Is there a way to change the default title on a popup? Currently the words “-- Webpage Dialog” (see attached screen shot). I have looked everywhere that I could think of.

WebpageDialog.bmp (2.25 MB)

Normal Popups:
For normal popups it is not possible to get rid of the “-- Webpage Dialog” part. This text comes from the browser. When you use Firefox you will see - Mozilla Firefox".
For PAGES Application Designer supports the setting of a popup title. This means an application can dynmamically set some text at runtime. But the Browser will still append its “-- Webpage Dialog” at the very right hand side. For Natural Applications this dynamic setting of a title is not supported yet. We’ve got an enhancement request for it, but this enhancement is not officially released yet.

Internal Popups Pages:
Additionally Application Designer supports “Internal Popup Pages”. This is an alternative to popping up a new browser page. It opens a popup within the existing browser page. If you look in the Palette under Page you’ll find an “Internal Popup Page” control. The corresponding documentation you’ll find in the CIS-documentation (not the NJX documentation) under

"Working with Pages"/"Working with Page Navigation"/"Page-based Popup Dialogs"

The “Internal Popup Page” control is not yet officially released for NATPAGES. That’s why you won’t find a sample in the NJXDEMOS and you won’t find the control listed in the NJX-documentation.
Technically it also works for NATPAGES.

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I will wait for the change enhancements to make it to production.

Also, I think it will be a nice feature (when it is officially released) to be able to use the internal pop-ups for confimations and warning messages from within a Natural application.

Thanks Christine.