title in online-help window

i am using the CAI online help management. Now i want to change the title of the window (because every time it displays “Online Help --WebPageDialog”), which opens if i press the F1-button. Is this possible.


…should be possible by overriding the method


in your adapter(s).

public void reactOnHelpRequestForHelpId()
setPopupTitle(“your own text”);


Now after overriding the method reactOnHelpRequestForHelpId() there is anymore the String “… --WebPageDialog”. See the example in the attached screenshot.


…sorry, forgot to mention this: this extension is automatically added by the browser (Mozilla does this, too…). No chance to prevent. We already add some blank spaces, so that this extension is shifted to the right and is not visible for small popups. Only “…” is visible.

No chance to bypass, this is “inside the browser”…


Could you please try to show us some other way to workaround this problem?
The Web Page Dialog String looks really ugly and a login page gives the user some “first impression”. THANKS!