dropdown problem in a table

I have a problem with a static dropdown field in a table.

I have defined the options like this (replace [ by <):
[option value=“R” title=“Travel”]R[/option]
[option value=“T” title=“Text”]T[/option]
[option value=“P” title=“Top”]P[/option]
and so on.

What happens now is, the table is produced by ApplinX, but the title is only shown in the first row of the table, not in the others.

Is this a problem with ApplinX or do I have to define it another way?

By the way, I use version 8.1.2.

Thanks in advance

Michael, sorry for the delay.

First of all is it a generated or an instant page?

If an instant - try a transformation

If a generated - the options in a dropdown should be defined like this:
[option value=“host input value”]Display Value[/option]

Hope it helps.


Hi Tanya,

no problem, I found another way to solve this.
I use the gx_changeTd to build the whole select for every row.

Nevertheless I think it’s a problem of Applinx, that the attribute ‘title’ in the ‘option’ is not duplicated for every row.

Best regards,


is there a particular reason you need the title in the option? In general indeed, the code you wrote and the generated by ApplinX does more or less the same…


Hi Tanya,
sorry for the delay.
Yes, I have a special reason.
Since the meaning of the value is such a long text, I cannot take it into the field, for the field would be too long. Firefox can make the dropdown-list as long as it is needed even if the field is short, but IE cannot. So I decided to show the meaning as ‘tooltip’.
So, that’s my reason.
Best regards


it looks like a bug indeed. We’ll try to come up with a workaround, but please open a support request on the issue.