1 strange problem

I get this in the start of my html file after the transthrue

There’s not much information here to go on. When you say you get this in the start of your HTML file, do you mean that the correct HTML follows?

Is it simply a typo that you have @ido:id=“4” in the request and =“2” in the output?

Michael Kay

The typo is me yes so that is NP But yes after the strange replay the perfect html follows it might be becuse I use a javascript to make this page of two frames but the strange stuff is that I only get this on the second frame.

This is the script I use


<script language="JavaScript"><!--

var parameter = location.search.substring(1);
var url1 = "[@ino:id="" + parameter + ""]&_xslsrc=../stylesheet/xsl:stylesheet/dtbook_html_menu.xsl dummy=link.html";
var url2 = "[@ino:id="" + parameter + ""]&_xslsrc=../stylesheet/xsl:stylesheet/dtbook_html_tekst.xsl dummy=tekst.html";

document.write('<frameset cols="30%,*">');
        document.write('<frame src="' + url1 + '" name="NCC">');
        document.write('<frame src="' + url2 + '" name="Indehold">');



Hope this helps