I get a strange message when I passtrue

I use this quarry[@ino:id="4"] </pre><BR><BR>What to do pleas help me out here <BR>Thanks :)<BR>PS: stylesheet look like this in top<BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> 
- <ino:response xmlns:ino="http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/response2" xmlns:xql="http://metalab.unc.edu/xql/">
- <ino:message ino:returnvalue="0">
  <ino:messageline>XQL Request processing</ino:messageline> 
- <xql:result>
- <xsl:stylesheet ino:id="4" version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform">
  <xsl:strip-space elements="*" /> 
  <xsl:output method="html" /> 
- <xsl:template match="/">
- <xsl:element name="html">
- <xsl:element name="head">
- <xsl:element name="title">
  <xsl:value-of select="dtbook/head/title" /> 
  </xsl:element>  </pre><BR><BR><BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"> Failed to compile stylesheet
Error on line 1 column 161 of[@ino:id="4"]:
stylesheet requires attribute: version


Tamino Servlet Error
javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: java.lang.NullPointerException

Passthru Version:  
XSLT Processor: class org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFactoryImpl  
HTTP Method: GET  
PathInfo: /tamino/dtbook/Book  
QueryString: _xql=/&_xslsrc=[@ino:id="4"]  
Server name:  

accept: */*
accept-language: da
accept-encoding: gzip, deflate
user-agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 4.0; T312461)
connection: Keep-Alive
content-length: 0 

Hello there,

I don’t know how relevant this is, but perhaps it is a helpful hint.

The error message

Failed to compile stylesheet
Error on line 1 column 161 of[@ino:id="4"]:
stylesheet requires attribute: version

caught my eye, because I have had problems when trying to define schemas which use the “version” attribute.
This is not supported by Tamino, so I removed it in order to define the schemas.

Perhaps you are experiencing a similar problem?
Does the stylesheet work if you remove the version attribute?

Hope that helps,

I am sorry to say but no I have done it whit attribute name and whit and still same error

PS: I know this is strange but the server this is running on do not have internett acsses can this be a problem ???
Thanks again for any help :slight_smile:

I think the xslsrc parameter should return a stylesheet, not a query result. Try replacing


You have retrieved the stylesheet from the Tamino database by means of a query. The document that has come back is the stylesheet with a Tamino wrapper. The Xalan engine (or any other XSLT processor) doesn’t understand the wrapper, and the specific symptom it is complaining about is that the outermost element doesn’t have a version attribute, which makes it an invalid stylesheet.

I’ve normally stored stylesheets in Tamino as non-XML objects, in which you don’t get the wrapper. I’m sure you can get the document without the wrapper anyway, but I’m away from my desk right now, and I’ve forgotten how it’s done.

Michael Kay

You are all right it was the recuest that was wrong. I did use a recuest for the xslt and not a direct name on the ino:id like the @2. But I got it in the end so all good now But thanks for all the good help. :slight_smile: