Passthru timeouts?

I am obtaining a large document from Tamino, and passing it to a rather complex stylesheet.

The problem is that I’m getting what appears to be the default result from the stylesheet back (no data from the query).

However, if I use a much simpler stylesheet, I get that data back correctly, so it isn’t the query. Looking at the logs, Tomcat says the transformation was accomplished (taking about 1.5-2 seconds – which worries me again, because the results is coming bakc faster than that).

So, I’m not seeing any errors in the logs, but not getting back correct results. Any ideas?

Windows 2000 Professional
Tomcat 4.1.24
Apache 2.0.43
jk2 passthru

After some discussion we resolved this problem by changing the xpath in Joel’s stylesheet. He was using xquery to return xml to passthru, so the result was wrapped in tags “ino:response” and “xq:result”. The stylesheet xpath was changed from (e.g.):
In addition we defined namespace “xq” as
xmlns:xq=“” and namespace “ino” as