XSLT server extension + queries

I have this problem and I can’t figure it out:
I use this kind of query:

http://localhost/tamino/MyDB/kurssi2?_xql=XSLT.transformFromCollection (kurssi2,‘ino:etc’,‘xsl:stylesheet[@ino:id=1]’)

where kurssi2 is the collection of xml docs,
ino:etc is collection of xsl docs

That is pretty much like the example says, but something is going wrong…can’t get html out of that…

Pretty simple problem i think, but I’m stucked :slight_smile:

Here are some checks that might be useful:

1) Does the XSLT Server Extension respond when you request URL:

<A HREF=“http://localhost/tamino/MyDB/ino:etc?_XQL=XSLT.configuration[“show”,”“” TARGET=_blank>http://localhost/tamino/MyDB/ino:etc?_XQL=XSLT.configuration(“show”,“”</A>)

It should display its configuration in your browser window.

2) Do you get your xml documents returned in response to URL:


3) Do you see your stylesheet in response to URL:

4) Does your stylesheet contain <xsl:output method=‘html’…/>

If none of this helps, please post your schema, an xml document and the stylesheet.


Sorry I should have checked this first. The XSLT Server extension always produces an XML document that starts with ino:response and so on. This can never be valid HTML. So you need to post-process the result of the transformation if you want HTML output. I did this by writing a small html page that uses the MSXML ActiveX control to get the result of the XSLT transform, the apply a separate, small stylesheet to that result which produces HTML. I have attached the html and stylesheet so you can see what I’m talking about.

If you don’t link this approach, you could use the passthru servlet.

Sample.zip (775 Bytes)

I did turn to passthru servlet and it seems to work somehow… :slight_smile:
That html code of yours did not quit opened to me, but that’s not relevant anymore.