how do you make a call with the passthru server in a html do


I have the passthru server working and a typical call that works look like this :

May question is how do you make a call like this from within a html document.

Let say I have dropdown boxes in a html form :rolleyes:where I can select which document I want to see.
The result will then be copied into the Html with innerhtml of a span.

On the moment I have been using Microsoft.XMLDOM to load the xml query and to load the xsl seperately (xsl stored in web directory) and then I used the “transformNode” to transform the xml document with the stylesheet.

Now with the passthru server the transformation is done there and all that will be received is a transformed xml document.

Miklos Hagymassy

One way might be to use IFrame inside your SPAN/DIV. You can dynamically set the src attribute of the IFrame. I have attached a small example.

Test.html (619 Bytes)

The Iframes is working 100% .But I get a “persmision denied” when I try to access javascript via a button on the parent.

The button is in the xslt form and the javascript is in the parent html from where the xslt is called.

When I copy the output source code from the xslt to a html file to trace it , it works. I have set my security at the explorer to none. But I still get the message.

Attached is the examples : :stuck_out_tongue:

Miklos Hagymassy (9.44 KB)

Which button doesn’t work? Is it the one labelled “Use selected document”? If so, can you please post the stylesheet that generates the html code. If static html code works but the stylesheet output doesn’t, then its probably a subtle problem with the stylesheet?


Yes - it is “Use selected program”. It doesn’t work in Topsearch.xsl but it works in xxx1.html

Index.html - is the main program. It calls Main.html.
Main.html - there is a button called Button - it calls the either the stylesheet Topsearch.xsl or xxx1.html which is a copy from topsearch.xsl.
xxx1.html - copy of Topsearch.xsl - I took the output from Topsearch.xsl when I called it from the commandline and copied it into a blank html.
a.html - copies to test orginally
b.html - copies to test orginally
topsearch.xsl = the stylesheet :slight_smile:

Miklos Hagymassy

Sorry but it works fine for me. I get an alert box saying “Text to editsearch successfull” and no errors.


I still have that message. It must be something to do with my security. But I have skinned the cat on a different way.

What I did is to create a xsl stylesheet that extracts the part of the xml document I need and create another xml document which I then use in the html document. In the html document I apply the stylesheet that formats the xml into a user friendly form.

Thanks for the help. :smiley:

Miklos Hagymassy