What to do when the map doesn't map

I code webMethods just infrequently enough to forget the little nuances.

I am working on a service and I have added an execSQL call that will populate my new Document Reference List named “calloutEmails”.
So far so good, that works like a charm.

There are four cols from the sql that are email addresses and I want to concatenate them together. (yes, I could have done that in the sql statement itself; however, i have to test an email flag field first to ensure they want an email).

So, I have a branch on my calloutEmails[0]/emailFlag to check for ‘Y’
This is working too.

Under the branch, I have a map to concat a comma to a text field called emailaddresses (which has already been set with a single address from the get go). This is working too.

I next have a Loop step that loops over /calloutEmails
That looks like it is working too.

Now comes the problem. I have tried mapping the email field to temp text field, tried concatening to my emailaddress, tried just about everything, and nothing happens or works.
I have created 4 separate branch tests and loops for each of my four email columns.

The flow does go over the step. Before I execute I ensure there is data in the email col I am mapping. But after the step executes, no error, no pipeline out variable in Results screen for my temp field, no nothing. And I
have checked to make sure the mapping line is not blue (conditional).

I am dazed and confused. Thanks for any help anybody can provide

Perhaps a hard-to-see typo or letter case issue? Can you post the snippet of your service and a screen shot of your output pane while on the step in question?


I had a similiar problem, that mapping doesn’t work (I still don’t know why :frowning: ), but I solved it by substituting the variable in the map step and not mapping it.


Ah, the joys of webMethods Developer! It’s a pretty buggy application, but I’ve found that you can quite often solve problems by recreating the offending map step from scratch again…(!)

I have had this problem with documents that are referencing other documents. When you move a referenced document to a new folder or rename it, all the references don’t get changed automatically. I’ve had to redo all the map steps that involve that document. I usually copy the document to the input panel to see the reference it has, fix the reference there and save. Then I leave it in the input [anel until I am sure all the references are corrected in the complete flow (saving after each correction). Only then, can I take the document out of the input panel.

Other times, I’ve had transformers that refer to java services that were moved or deleted. I click on the properties panel where it has the name of the called service, and change it to the replacement service (or location). The new service has to have all the same input/output variables. This works well.

Sometimes in a map step, I find 2 documents with the same name and if I mouse over them, one has (0) and the other (1). This shows me that there are two instances of the document referenced in the map step somehow. The link in the map step is using a document that is no longer wanted. I might have to redo the map step to get rid of the duplicate reference.

Yeh,some times substituting the variable will do the trick or unmap and remap the variable and make sure the variables with if it has complex document structure mapping to a temp variables or documents behaviour as mentioned above could cause map step fail even it is a simple one to one mapping.


Thanks for the input so far. I will try these suggestions and let you know.