Problem in mapping

I have made a flow service which takes input a String (whole XML).

XML Structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> rick 742

In the first step i convert the string to a XML node using xmlStringToXMLNode.–> output is a node

In the second step i convert the node to a document using xmlNodeToDocument.–> output is a document which i map to a XML having the same structure. I have attached a snapshot of the same:xmldoc_structure

Till this step, everything works fine.

But when i map the fields from the document to any temp variable i am not able to see that variable in the pipeline.

Also when i try to map the variable from the document to publishable documnet and publish it…i am getting the following error: [ISS.0098.9007] Data does not conform to the Publishable Document Type deepak.doc:xml_simple errors: INVALID
List of errors:
[0] pathName=/document errorCode=VV-005 errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exis

I have attached a snapshot of the publishable documnet to which i am mapping the xml document attributes.

Please help me with this issue.


I believe you are mapping the document (step 2) to the xml_simple on root level. This is where the issue is.
You can rectify this is two ways: Either map the document to xml_simple/document or remove the document from the xml_simlple and have the variables directly under the root.

One way to identify: in runtime while tracing, copy the path of a variable from xml_simple in the pipeline (after mapping step 2) (not the value) and path of the same variable from the reference document and compare them, you will notice the difference.

Use the trace feature in developer to know how the structure is appearing in pipeline… Create same kind of structure for simplicity in your pipeline and map the variables individually to the publishable document… Tracing will really help you a lot…



Thanks for the suggestion.

Your were correct.