What is the location where the Terracotta Management Server will run?

Terracotta server array is successfully running but the management console that comes with the Terracotta Server Open Source Software (OSS) kit is not working. when the terracotta server array is started ,it says “2019-01-05 11:58:16,739 INFO - Management server started on” but I get a not found error when I try to hit the url. Can anybody suggest how to view the caches stored inside terracotta or how can I access the management console?

According to “http://ww1.terracotta.org/documentation/4.1/tms/tms#enable-agent”, management-console/bin/start-tmc.sh can be used to start the terracotta management console. But in the kit “TERRACOTTA SERVER 4.X AND OLDER” downloaded from “http://www.terracotta.org/open-source/” doesnt contain an file as start-tmc.sh

Terracotta server can be started at the location C:\SoftwareAG103\Terracotta\server\bin

To view the console that is TMC can be started at C:\SoftwareAG103\Terracotta\tools\management-console\bin

Url is http://localhost:9889/tmc/


Any questions?