HTTP Status 404 - /smh/login.htm problem on sun solaris

hi taminoers,
from http://…/smh/login.htm, i can not get tamino manager any more as it was, but"HTTP Status 404" problem. I tried and got:
1. ps -ef | grep argsrv
0:00 ./argsrv -pid /…/common/arg/var/argsrv.lock -e
… 0:00 grep argsrv
2. ps -ef | grep argmlsrv …
-pid /…/common/arg/var/argmlsrv.lock -e
3. ps -ef | grep argevsrv
pid /…/common/arg/var/argevsrv.lock -e
4. ps -ef | grep xtsdsdmn
… 0:00 ./xtsdsdmn -name XTSDIR -port 12731 -directory INIDIR -dirparms file=/…/commo
what should have been happend? should i contact the superuser again to check about /etc/init.d and start it?

Hi mp,

first of all from your post it is not obvious whether you’re trying to use the SMH via the Apache or via the builtin web-server. In case you’re trying to go via apache you should check if your web-server is running (“ps -ef | grep http” should show you the processes). You could also try connecting to SMH using the built-in web-server using the URL http://hostname:9991/ . Tell me if that works.

cheers … bjb