What is the difference between tn.doc:view & tn.doc:viewAs ???

Does anyone know what other functional difference there is between tn.doc:view & tn.doc:viewAs is besides what is stated in the Built-In Service Reference…


"this service does not require the client invoking the service be a sender or receiver of the

document being viewed."

What are you looking for using that services in your custom logic?

But to me viewAs is not so restrictured and can be modifed especially when dealing with payloads and functionality wise both does the same thing retrieving bizdoc TN transaction details.

We currently have an issue were tn.doc:view is failing in Prod, but, not in QA (com.wm.app.tn.db.DatastoreException: Couldnt find doc {0}; no doctype) and I’m wondering if there’s some known issue with tn.doc:view and if I should use tn.doc:viewAs instead.