Creating a new TN document type from WM designer


It should be very simple. I’m trying to create a TN document type using WMTN service,

For the input parameter, type (of Object type), i’ve created a document initially (document reference: and populated the values necessary.

And i’ve converted that document to bytes,which is then passed as the input to the mentioned TN service <> and i got the below error:

  • *
  •  <JavaClass>java.lang.ClassCastException</JavaClass>*
  •  <Message>[B cannot be cast to</Message>*
  •  <StackTrace>java.lang.ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to*
  • at*

Hi Venkata,

if I have to create TN doc types via Designer, first I create a regular IS DocType.
Then I go to MWS (with TN UI applied) to create the TN variant there and point it to the IS DocType as a Reference.

See TN Users Guide for further informations.