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I welcome you all to the AgileApps developer community. We are on the way to uploading a lot of our queries from the Ask AgileApps Live email forum to this community so that it is available to a wider developer base and helps in resolving issues faster.

Use this forum to discuss all kinds of AgileApps queries, feature requests, how-to’s and any topic related to the product.

If you do not get an answer here, you can always search in the documentation available at the following link


or you can always send us an email.

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Looking for an AgileApps developer can you make any suggestions? I can be contacted at jsuriano@sfglobal.onmicrosoft.com to arrange for a skype or conference call. Reach me via telephone or text at 1 323-404-3961. Immediate work.


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Hello to the AgileApps (AA) developer community. I have used LongJump (LJ) since 2008 and am currently exploring AA.

I will create a new post with my first question - thanks

Hi Chris,

The forms are different in LongJump and AgileApps. The form sections are vertical in AgileApps and form sections are horizontal and collapsible only in Web Forms of AgileApps. There was a documentation error which has been rectified. For more information, see Section

For any other query, please get back to us.


Hi all!

My Customer is complaining about a dashboard characteristics (specifically bar chart):

  • The Numbers belonging to each Bar are truncated, in a place that can not be changed and in a font size that we can not change. We can not, for example, highlight a number by bolding or another color…

Pls, refer to the picture in the attached diagram.

I’ll appreciate any help

Dashboard - Bar Chart.pdf (312 KB)