Having trouble mapping an expression

We have a web app that consumes Applinx web services in order to present a front end to a stateful telnet session to the mainframe.

I’ve run into a couple of difficulties. The first is that I need to map the field attributes as well as the content to the procedure output. Our screen has over 80 fields which means the screen mapper needs to map out well over 800 elements. This is because I’m creating an expression for each field, utilizing the “Screen Data-> Field Attributes” function which maps to a matching output data structure. However the Designer really chokes over having that many mapped links and the CPU usage goes to 100% when trying to do anything such as scroll the window, collapse a tree or right click an element. I’ve attached an export of the path procedure and screen if someone could please take a look.

Secondly as an attempt to work around this, I’m trying to use another procedure to concatenate the attribute fields and values to a single delimited value. Then I try to add an expression “Execute Procedure” and within that map another expression for “Field Attributes” to the procedure input. I’m able to save the procedure fine. But when I reopen the “Execute Procedure” expression, the mapping to the procedure input has disappeared. What could be causing this?

Thanks for any help.
apx113.gxz (88.3 KB)

why not just use the ApplinX web application? out of the box 3270 emulation (I assume that’s what you meant rather than telnet) in your browser, with quick ways to GUI-ify the presentation.

Otherwise, if the web services to a terminal emulation is what you really have to do, you may need some on-site assistance from an experienced ApplinX developer. You could check with support on the high CPU usage scenario.

Hi Erik,

Thank you for reporting on these problems. We’ll do our best to solve them ASAP.
As they will require further communication it is required to open official support request. Please create a support request (using Empower https://empower.softwareag.com/) and provide this information.


How much page/template customization can I have using web enablement? Our current license doesn’t include it but perhaps I should research it further.

I may be out of luck here as our Applinx license also is from a third party and I assume that I won’t be able to register to use Empower.

check out the documentation (no Empower login required!) :
and the Instant Web Applications overview

Also see the demos, tutorials, etc in the communities site (webMethods > ApplinX & EntireX > ApplinX) http://communities.softwareag.com/ecosystem/communities/public/Developer/webmethods/products/applmod/demos/applinx_demo_zone/index.html

Please check with your 3rd party vendor. He should have a user to the support system. Without a support request those defects will not be forwarded to R&D and anyway you will not be able to get the fixed version.

Regarding the web enablement solution, it can work for your needs but it will require to drop the usage of the magic web application and use the ApplinX web application framework which available in JSP(JAVA) or .NET(VB/C#) technologies.

Assaf, it seems like you remember :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Any chance there’s a way to get a demo license to research Applinx’s web enablement with .NET capabilities?


Of course that I remember ? but I don’t know what happened from the time I’ve been there. I also don’t remember what kind of functionality the magic web application provided to the end user.
The web enablement is a solution that keeps the host session available to the user and provide automatically: binding between host fields (data and attributes) and web controls, listening to events such as PF keys, macro and printer solution and more.

Regarding web edition I’m sure that this possible to get an evaluation (especially for an existing customer) but I’m not familiar with the procedure. I’ll check that and get back to you.

I can organize a test license for you. Please provide me your address/phone number.


I couldn’t find your email address on the site so I emailed my information to TechnologyCommunity@softwareag.com and asked to have that forwarded to you.